Egyptian White Lotus C/S Crushed Flowers (Nymphaea ampla)

Egyptian White Lotus C/S Crushed Flowers (Nymphaea ampla)

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Already tried our Blue lotus & love it? Get ready for our newest Egyptian White Lotus C/S Flowers! Harvested this year. Best quality on the market today. Ships from USA. This is the Nymphaea ampla variety.

It mixes great with Blue Lotus variety.
These are perfect to make a tea, religious offering, insense, aphrodisiac, spiritual, wine, etc.

We get them direct each harvest season where they are grown pesticide free on a sustainable farm. These are the high quality White Lotus Flowers you will find on the market.

After harvest, these flowers are spread out in the shade and slowly dried so they retain the characteristics and potency of the fresh flowers.

Sold as a bulk botanical with no directions or claims.

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