Organic Whole Sacred Pink Lotus 2 Flower Packs (Nelumbo nucifera)

Organic Whole Sacred Pink Lotus 2 Flower Packs (Nelumbo nucifera)

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Sacred Lotus Flowers harvested this year. Ships from USA. Our flowers are Organic & WHOLE unlike the majority on the market today.

Each package contains 2 whole flowers perfectly preserved in a hermetically sealed package. If you select a quantity of 3 packs you would receive 6 whole flowers (2 per package)

Normally you'll receive bits & pieces when ordering Sacred Lotus Flowers, and not the most prized whole Blooming Flowers. These have been perfectly preserved to ensure their quality & color. The color is stunning, and you'll receive flowers just like in the picture.

We get them direct from Thailand each harvest season where they are grown pesticide free on a sustainable farm.

After harvest, these flowers are spread out in the shade and slowly dried so they retain the characteristics of the fresh flowers.

Sold as bulk botanical with no directions or claims.

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