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Stay Happy & Healthy

The news at the moment seems filled with the corona virus and all the horrible things it is causing. Don’t get me wrong, it is scary that there is this superbug circling the world, but I am more concerned by the ripple effects it is having. People seem to think corona is going to cause [...]

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New Year. New You

2020 Health New Year New You Wellness

New Years is here, and I for one am slightly terrified by how quickly this year has flashed by. When I was younger, it seemed that the years went by slowly, a never ending stream of lessons, homework and exams. But now, it seems like I blink and three months has gone. I discovered a [...]

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The Happiest Place On Earth

Bath Botanicals Disney Happy Herbs Therapy Wellness

Having spent the majority of my childhood in Florida, you would have thought I had Disney facts coming out of my ears, and that my house is filled with mouse shaped objects and inspirational quotes. In fact although I adore Disney films, I found the parks rather daunting when younger and I was very suspicious of the characters [...]

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Columbus Day - Stretch Your Horizons

Columbus Columbus Day Holiday Stretch Horizons Vacation Weekend Wellness

Columbus Day is coming up and I for one am really looking forward to it, although I have heard that it is the most inconsistency celebrated holiday in America. I think this is so sad. Although I know he wasn’t the first to technically discover the continent of America, the Vikings had been exploring Newfoundland since the 11th century, [...]

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Home Away From Home

Relax RelaxRemedy Remedy

Is anyone else out there suffering from the holiday blues? My family and I had a lovely summer visiting family in various parts of England and Texas. My boys adored Texas as they are proper outdoorsy children, and spent the entire time playing in the pool or exploring the beach. Now we are back home, and although it [...]

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