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Is anyone else out there suffering from the holiday blues? My family and I had a lovely summer visiting family in various parts of England and Texas. My boys adored Texas as they are proper outdoorsy children, and spent the entire time playing in the pool or exploring the beach. Now we are back home, and although it is always nice to wake up in your own bed, I’ll be the first to admit I have severe holiday blues. If it’s not the jet lag that is causing stress, it is getting back to the everyday routine which I sometimes find demoralizing. Speaking of jet lag, I have been using the Wake Up formula to help me get some ‘get up and go’ mojo in the mornings. Jet lag is such a pain to deal with as it really does make your whole body feel out of whack. I find waking up when I am tired and my whole body is screaming at me to roll over and go back to sleep really hard. But a few drops of Wake Up formula in a glass of water has definitely helped me to get over jet lag easier than I have in the past.

It feels like August is such a contradictory month. The start is filled with the joys of summer, long days in the sun, BBQ’s and vacations, yet the end is filled with the realisation that school is starting, fall is approaching, and usually the majority of vacation days have been used up until Christmas. I seem to spend most of the year wishing for summer, and then before I know it, it feels like it is almost over. As I mentioned in my last blog, I am really trying to stop this attitude and appreciate each day and moment. It has been working, so I highly recommend everyone tries it. It does help cheer me up when I realise that ‘Winter is Coming’ (excuse the Game of Thrones reference. Still mourning the end of that!) and my next vacation isn’t for three months. Hard to believe that cold weather is coming when I am sitting here with the AC blasting!

My eldest boy is starting kindergarten soon and I am beyond stressed about that. We live in England as my husband is a teacher in an English school, and here the public schools have uniforms, so I have an endless list of items to get, and everything needs to be labelled with sewn in name tags. I can’t believe my eldest is now old enough to be starting at school. My sleep has really been suffering these last few weeks, as I am up throughout the night with my youngest, and then when I am able to sleep I struggle to get my mind to switch off. I have started using the Sleep Care Tincture, and so far it has been helping a lot.

Our family is spread out all over the world (hense the travelling and jet lag!). It is the sad reality of international families, that we are all so far away from each other. Relax Remedy are considering putting together care packages on the website, that one could send to a friend or family member when they are going through something. Be it a time when they need to relax, get their energy up, get more sleep or some special bits and pieces after a birth, we thought this might be a nice way that our customers could easily send something to the special people in their lives. Let me know what you think of this idea, we always love to hear our customers thoughts! 

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