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Having spent the majority of my childhood in Florida, you would have thought I had Disney facts coming out of my ears, and that my house is filled with mouse shaped objects and inspirational quotes. In fact although I adore Disney films, I found the parks rather daunting when younger and I was very suspicious of the characters (I am sorry, a giant mouse who couldn’t speak and kept trying to hug me? Utterly terrifying). So it does get quite tiresome repeatedly telling people that ‘yes I grew up in Florida, no I didn’t spend all day every day at the theme parks, I don’t actually like them’ and have them look at me like I am deranged. However like I said, Disney films? Utterly spectacular, and now that I have two young boys, I love having the excuse to rewatch all the old classics. So due to this, I have a very special day planned on November 18th. Did you know that November 18th is Mickey Mouse’s birthday? He was ‘born’ on November 18th 1928, and originally was a rabbit called Oswald (and there I was claiming I didn’t know any Disney facts!). So after school on the 18th we are going to make Mickey Mouse cupcakes and snuggle down to watch a Disney film. In case any of you fancy making your own cupcakes. Click here to see! How cute are they! 

It does make me wonder if Disney are timing their release of their Disney+ channel this week coincide with this event, or if it is just a coincidence and I am looking too deeply into the matter. I am undecided as to whether we will be signing up to Disney+. We already have Netflix, Amazon Prime and pretty much all the Disney movies on DVD, but I am interested to hear what other people make of it. If you join and think it is an absolute must have, please do let me know! Apart from planning excuses to make cakes and watch movies, this week has been quite busy. I have been having issues with a new bed that I bought a few months ago. I complained to the company, who sent out a ‘mattress engineer’ to see what the problem was. Funny how even at my age I learn about whole new careers that I never knew existed. I didn’t even know that mattress engineers were a ‘thing’, but sadly I am still clueless as to what they do. I had to go to entertain my active two year old leaving the engineer to do whatever it is he does. He ascertained that yes, my mattress is faulty, but how he reached that conclusion? No idea! On top of that it has just been the general day to day running of a household that has been taking up my time. It does seem that my laundry pile is never ending, there are toys everywhere, and despite it getting colder, both my dog and cat seem determined to shed fur everywhere. Sometimes my floor looks like a scene from the Wild West, with tumbleweeds of fur blowing about everywhere. My poor hoover can barely keep up. I have however discovered my new favorite Relax Remedy product this week. I always have trouble dropping off to sleep. Something I find very ironic as despite my mattress issues, I am permanently tired. The joys of parenthood means we are always exhausted, but when I do finally crawl into bed, my mind just goes into overdrive and I find it hard to drop off. I have been introduced to the Aromatherapy Lavender Spray and I adore it.  It is amazing what a difference a good night sleep can make to you. The day after a restful night am in a lovely mood, more cheerful, less inclined to get stressed and all in all, I think I am just a nicer person to be around and a better mother. So if anyone else has similar issues to mine, I highly recommend you try it. You won’t regret it!

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