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Columbus Day is coming up and I for one am really looking forward to it, although I have heard that it is the most inconsistency celebrated holiday in America. I think this is so sad. Although I know he wasn’t the first to technically discover the continent of America, the Vikings had been exploring Newfoundland since the 11th century, his ‘discovery’ is what kick started the exploration and settlement (and granted the exploitation) of North America. To me this is what makes Columbus Day important. America is a country I know and love, and I like the idea of the a day dedicated to celebrate the history of it. Sort of a ‘Who do you think you are’ show for the country. But then I am a history nerd and could happily spend all day every day reading and watching history books and programs.

How has everyone else been finding these past few weeks transitioning from Summer to Fall? My son started school and luckily he has loved it. We have had no issues. Well, maybe not no issues. He is finding the idea of having to wear underwear every day a hard concept to grasp. He seems to think this is a negotiable subject. But minus this small clothing hiccup it has been easy. My two year old on the other hand? He has not taken to the idea that his brother is going somewhere without him at all. Each day at drop off he screams like his world is ending. Apparently the activities I plan for us to do together without his brother are just not acceptable and he would rather be at school. I try not to take this personally. The one thing I am not enjoying with the onset of Fall, is the shortening of the days. I really do not like getting up in the dark and having the evenings start that little bit earlier every day. I love being outside and with two boys, it is definitely easier being able to spend as much time as possible out of the house. My house feels the impact of the shorter days. It is messier, dirtier and all together somewhere Martha Stewart would see as an insurmountable ‘before’ project. I have taken to diffusing some oils in my house which is helping. I am really enjoying picking and blending oils to put into my diffuser. I have found that it helps improve my mood, and also, if my house smells lovely, somehow the mess seems less. My current favorite is geranium and a drop of cinnamon. I really like the floral but slight spice mix. The hint of cinnamon I find really warming and appropriate with Fall starting. Relax Remedy has so many great oils to pick from. I highly recommend picking out a few to try and just have a play around with.

My family and I like to celebrate Columbus Day by doing something adventurous that we haven't done before. It seems an apt way to honor a day dedicated to a man who took three ships to the unknown. Granted attempting indoor rock climbing doesn’t have the same level chutzpah as sailing off the map. But still. It’s fun! This year we are going to brave the rain and the cold and attempt stand up paddle boarding. Although in my case it's going to be more likely to be a contestant for America’s Funniest home movie rather than an iconic Instagram photo opportunity, but I am looking forward to it. I think everyone reading this should attempt to do something slightly out of their comfort zone to celebrate this Columbus Day. Be it stand up paddle boarding, or even trying a new recipe that you feel is slightly harder than you are prepared for, just doing something will make the day memorable. But not just that, it is known that trying something new is good for you. It opens you up to new opportunities and experiences, and who knows what you might discover. And what better way to celebrate the day someone sailed off towards the horizon, then by broadening your own?

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