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The news at the moment seems filled with the corona virus and all the horrible things it is causing. Don’t get me wrong, it is scary that there is this superbug circling the world, but I am more concerned by the ripple effects it is having. People seem to think corona is going to cause the world to go into melt down and have been panic buying tinned items, constantly filling their car up with gas and stockpiling pet food. The stockpiling of items is the one that’s bugging me. I had to go to three stores yesterday to find diapers for my two year old. That’s not only never happened before, but resulted in me buying 120 diapers rather than my usual 40. Because as all of you parents out there will attest to, running out of diapers would constitute a national emergency! But I dislike the fact that I have been coerced into bulk buying items I don’t usually do because of other people panicking. For one, I have taken some away from the next parents looking for diapers, and also, my house just isn't big enough to neatly store 140 diapers, so now I have them haphazardly squirreled away everywhere. Not a look my clean freak husband appreciates. And while on the subject of my husband, his biggest bug bear about this virus? The effect it is having on sports. He is a massive rugby fan, and minus the Rugby World Cup every four years, the Six Nations is the highlight of his year. With Italy closing down, France banning meetings of more than 5000 people, this has caused matches to be cancelled or delayed. In Freddie’s world, this equals a disaster. Who cares about the global panic, the deaths, the impact this is having on the political and economical environment of the world. The real issue with COVID-19? The impact it is having on sports. Men…..

I will admit though, having two young children and reading about new cases of this virus popping up everywhere does cause a little bit of concern. I mean I do know there has been a lot of fear mongering over this bug, but still. I have become obsessed with hand washing, wiping down surfaces and making sure that my boys don’t touch their eyes. The only thing I have noticed with my obsessive hand washing is my skin has become incredibly dry. I hate having cracked dry skin on my hands because not only does it not look great, but I find it so painful. I’ve switched to the almond diatomaceous earth soap from Relax Remedy and it has been a game changer. The exfoliation from the diatomaceous earth helped get rid of all the dry flakes and the almond oil has stopped the dry skin from returning. My boys also love it. When I told them it has fossils in it they both immediately started calling it dinosaur soap, and my four year old has been telling all of his friends that he has soap from home made from dinosaur bones. So ok, not technically true (it’s actually made from fossilized algae and phytoplankton) but hey, if it encourages my boys to regularly wash their hands, I am not going to burst their bubble.

I have also started to use some different essential oils in my day to day life this month. I have always been a big fan of my cold steam diffuser, and using oils in my cleaning routine because I love the smells, but recently I have changed it up. I have started to use more citric oils because I have noticed that the smell subconsciously makes me think everything is much more hygienic and clean than before. Although I do clean regularly, in this current environment I am finding it comforting walking into my house and smelling lemon, grapefruit or any of the other lovely citric essential oils that Relax Remedy have. Although I do have to admit I have discovered a problem using the lime essential oil. Because it is so fresh smelling, it automatically makes me crave a mojito. Not ideal when I am returning from the school run at 9:15am!

I do hope everyone stays safe out there. Keep washing your hands, look after each other and stay healthy. Hopefully this virus will run its course soon, and everything can go back to normal.

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