Ditch the Liquid Soap

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Who doesn't love the beauty of a handcrafted bar of soap. There's a certain sense of uniquness knowing no other one  looks quite alike. What I found fascinating was the wonders they can do for your skin, and how harmful some chemically enhanced liquid soaps can be. So often we resort to liquid soap because its convenient and affordable. However often these actually dry out and irritate your skin! The ritual or lathering up a fresh bar of soap is a dying art. Yet, since I converted and kept of bar of one of our soaps by the sink, bath and in the shower I have noticed how soft, well nourished and health my hands feel.

We hope you too try one of these all-natural soaps out. The perfect partner for an early morning shower would be the Wake Up Peppermint, which will help you get energized for the day ahead. In the evening run yourself a relaxing bath, enjoy your favorite cup of tea and, cut 1/4 of the Maeng Da soap into the warm water. 

We hope you too can make a small change in your life and let your skin reap the rewards!

Please keep an eye out for the numerous new products we will be adding shortly :)

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