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     We don't realize that a lot of what we 'need' and 'want' doesn't come from the department store or the latest new gadget, but from the earth. Often we fall into the trap of believing that some artificial, man-made product is somehow 'better' than what nature can do. Here at Relax Remedy we take natures best 'inventions' and put them just a click away. For the longest time we led to believe that some of these expensive sports drinks full of artificial flavors and chemicals would hydrate your body better than water. Yet scientific studies have proven that the best source of hydration is water and coconut water! More harmful examples of this can been seen in the healthcare industry where potentially harmful pharmaceuticals are pushed by doctors over natures botanical alternatives.

Technology has however led to some incredible innovations, even in the botanical herb industry. Science has allowed us to produce extremely effective, high quality potent ext. We are able to isolate the active ingredients (alkaloids) and remove all the other parts of the plant. 

A lot of these herbs and botanicals have been used in eastern medicine for hundreds of years, and are finally being adopted by the western world as possible natural alternatives. At Relax Remedy, we want everyone to 'relax more, live better and smile often', that's why our whole product range is aimed at making your day better, from sunrise to sunset. 

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