Finding the Relax Remedy for our busy lives

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Looking at the picture its easy to wish we were relaxing on a warm sunny beach with the waves gently lapping at our feet, or hiking high up in a tranquil rain forest. As perfect an image as this may be, unfortunately for most of us it is not often practical in the busy lives we lead. Studies show that the average American has less time for rest & relaxation than at any other time on record. As a society we are working more and sleeping less, often helped by higher and higher amounts of caffeine. In the last 30 years use of caffeine has doubled, with even our children consuming more caffeine than the recommended daily dose. 

We have seen a huge increase in the products that now contain extremely amounts of caffeine, from energy drinks, shots, gum, soda and even candy. What we haven't yet seen is a creation of products that are designed to help us calm down and relax without using potentially harmful medication.

We too love our coffee in the morning, however here at Relax Remedy we wanted to create a website dedicated to helping us all unwind and kickback without the need of alcohol or harmful substances.We can't always take a vacation, however we can 'take 10' and have a short rest-bite from our hectic lives with a warm cup of herbal tea. Our range of botancials are here to help you make the most of the time you have for yourself, whether that be the entire day or a few minutes between jobs. 

So this week promise yourself that one evening, you'll take the time to run a bath, pour in some luxurious oils, sip on your favorite cup of Relax Remedy tea and finally give your mind and body the R&R it deserves. 

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